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Wow! People rediscovered the 2 shorts and are tumbling all over the place! We still have hopes for those guys, and man, I gotta post some of our newer work, cause lots has happened!

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Something I started this week, since I I’m at home on vacation still and some free time.  No guarantees here, but if I end up using her for anything I’ll do some final polish first. c:

Just a couple quick notes on why I did what I did -

Skirt: Helps distinguish her body type from the shorter-but-slightly similar female Engineer.  A little heavy-handed on referencing the Scottish aspect, lol.  The wearing of skirts was still commonly expected back then, though TF2 takes place right around the time that women began wearing pants whenever they wanted.

Hair: I kept it on the short side so cosmetics can be adjusted/changed more easily, keeping hats in mind this time.  It’d be sweet if I could have the hair as its own bodygroup and remove it completely for making new cosmetics like the Dota models, but oh well.

Boots: I modeled everything from scratch except the boots, which are just resized to fit off the original model.  Didn’t really see a point v:

Makeup: The late 60’s/early 70’s had some great makeup, and I think it helps balance out some of her character between the masculine and feminine details.

Also, I don’t like the word “demowoman”.  I don’t think that’s even really a word.  Maybe that’s why I never started on her earlier.